Thursday, April 27, 2023

Final Flashes for Third and Fulton?

Motorists and Pedestrians in the downtown core have by now noticed something a bit different of the crossing of the intersection of Third and Fulton, with the Traffic light at the corner once again sending out flashing light signals for guidance.

The light, which has often suffered a similar fate in recent years may not be long for the corner this time, earlier this month at the April 11th City Council Session, City of Prince Rupert operations Director Pucci noted that the light would be up for replacement should it malfunction once again, its age making it more of a historical piece than a serviceable guide for traffic.

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While the City considers its next steps, motorists are reminded that the Flashing Red Light means a 4 Way Stop, particularly of importance considering the placement of the intersection and the volume of traffic that makes use of it each day.

More notes on Civic Operations can be reviewed from our archive page.


  1. Is there a schedule for replacement. Or is the money for the lights going for rent at the GM dealer building.

  2. 5 corners needs a round about.New lights at3rd and Fulton good idea,the same for 6th west and Fulton,people don't know what a stop sign means