Sunday, April 16, 2023

Blog Watching: Week ending April 16, 2023

The first opportunity for some public discussion on the 2023 City of Prince Rupert budget generated a few stories out of the Tuesday Council Session, with those participating in the commentary offering up a few themes to follow up on.

The remainder of our list of five featured interest in a new business opening in the community, with the national pharmacy chain Pharmasave opening up a location on Second Avenue West.

Another soon to open location also is generating some buzz in the community, with the Tourism Prince Rupert hosted Container Marketplace taking shape on the Promenade between the Atlin Terminal and the Cruise Ship Terminal.

CityWest's contribution to the Civic budget process and some news of some of its other financial themes made for a well received item this week.

And the work continues forward for the City's new RCMP detachment, with our look at where things are at this week making for a strong audience review.

From the weeks review the most read of our items however was our review of the discussion around the 2023 Budget discussion at Tuesday's City Council Session.
Budget Conversation focuses on civic spending, concerns over driving residents away from the community  --  This week offered up the first public comment opportunity for residents to speak to the 2023 City of Prince Rupert budget, only a few residents took in the council session, with two participating on the night with Budget issues.  More on the budget can be reviewed here, while notes from Monday's Council session can be reviewed here. (posted April  12, 2023

That article was followed by: 

Pharmasave opens its latest location in Prince Rupert -- There aren't many new businesses opening their doors in Prince Rupert these days, so the arrival of a national pharmacy chain in the city generated quite a bit of interest this week. (posted  April 12, 2023

The making of a Container marketplace on the waterfront in motion ... -- The first of what will be string of shipping containers along the waterfront Promenade below Mariner's Park was put in place this week, building up some anticipation for what could be the next attraction for the city's tourism sector and make for a new destination for local residents. (posted  April 13, 2023

CityWest comes back from tis 'holiday' to help out with the house renovations -- Our look at some of the themes from the Budget announcement of some financial assistance from City owned CityWest found a large audience this week. More notes from Tuesday's Council session can be reviewed here. (posted April  13, 2023

New RCMP detachment work continues forward as structure footprint takes shape --    A check in on the progress for the new RCMP detachment also delivered a large audience as found some changes to the work site. (posted April 11, 2023

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