Monday, April 17, 2023

Attention On the Bridge! Sea Cadets, North Coast Residents take tour of HCMS Yellowknife

HMCS Yellowknife was hosting public tours over the weekend
at the Seal Cove Coast Guard Base

A weekend visit of the Royal Canadian Navy's HMCS Yellowknife brought out the curious as residents of the North Coast took advantage of mostly fair weather to check out the Kingston Class Coastal Defence vessel that was berthed at the Seal Cove Coast Guard Based.

The crew of the HMCS Yellowknife welcomed visitors aboard on both Saturday and Sunday and among those to stop by for a tour were members of the Captain Cook Sea Cadets, their hall just across the bridge from Seal Cove.

In an update from the Sea Cadets, they noted of some of the themes for their tour from Lt(N) Hussein El Sedawy of HMCS Yellowknife. 

Among some of their highlights a tour of the engine room on the vessel, they also leraned more about navigation, fire suppression, flags, bosun's pipe, weapon systems, and many more besides. 

Cadets learned of the broad range of trades aboard Canada's Navy ships and heard of some of the fascinating voyages undertaken by the 55.3 m vessel, including multi-service exercises in the tropical eastern Pacific.

Some of their snapshots of the tour can be viewed below:

Photos courtesy of #7 Capt. Cook Sea Cadets

A local sea cadet is also celebrating some recent success at a training regatta held during Spring Break in the Victoria area. With Prince Rupert's Theodore Spat and Jamie Suek a Cadet from the Fraser Valley finishing atop the listings at a recent competition.

An update from the #7 Captain Cook Sea Cadet Corps outlines the scope of that event:

click to enlarge

Follow their Social Media stream for more local updates.

The crew of HMCS Yellowknife have shared some photos of their stop in Prince Rupert as well.

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