Thursday, April 13, 2023

City Council moves forward with Cow Bay Marina fee increases

The rates for a berth at the Cow Bay Marina. are on their way up
with Council revising the rate schedule for this summer season

Travellers pulling into the Cow Bay Marina this summer, will be putting up a bit more cash for their stay in Prince Rupert, with City Council moving forward with a recommendation to increase the rates to bring the city owned and operated facility closer in line with other marinas up and down the coast. 

The Marina which opened in 2016 has seen mixed results since opening, with some strong seasons in the past,  followed by the lean years of COVID when marine transportation opportunities were shut down completely. 

The recommendation for changes to the rates came out of a three page report from Paul Venditelli, the Director of Economic Development and Transportation.  His notes observing of the research that has been put towards the review and the proposed amendments to the rates.

There was not much in the way of discussion towards the topic, with only Councillor Barry Cunningham making note of some elements towards the revised bylaw provisions. 

Mr. Cunningham endorsed the idea, but observed that rather than a one time increase, the city should consider more frequent increases.

"I think it's great we're raising them, they've been dormant for a while, but, this is a one time increase.

Should we be looking at increments in the future, so we're keeping up with the other marinas that we are comparing ourselves to, cause obviously in the last three, four years they've been putting up their rates and we haven't.

I'm all for this putting this through but I want to make sure that we're not going to be dormant for another threee years"

In response City Manager Robert Buchan noted that the city intended to monitor the situation.

"We will be monitoring those rates and if the market increases we'll bring the bylaw back so that we remain competitive"

With the first three readings held on Tuesday, the Bylaw changes will go into effect with the final reading.

The proposed rates from the revised bylaw can be reviewed below:

click on above items to enlarge

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