Friday, April 21, 2023

Ken Cote bids farewell to the skies as he brings his decades of aviation to a close on the North Coast

The Ocean Pacific planes will remain in the hangar after owners
Ken and Mara Cote announced plans to end service last week.

A long time aviator on the North Coast has announced his plans to step aside from the commercial industry, with Ken Cote taking out a notice last week in the local paper to announce plans to sell Ocean Pacific Air Services.

The long serving face behind the controls has been flying for 53 years serving in a number of opportunities to fly during that five decades  of time. 

In his farewell, Cote noted of the difficult decision for himself and Mara to put their aviation service up for sale. The pair noting of their desire to retire and the time they have left.

Towards any potential sale of the aviation business, they note that there have been some tire kickers expressing interest, but so far no closing deal has been arrived at.

The airline which offered local sightseeing flights, along with its commercial operations to nearby communities ceased its operations on Saturday, April 15th.

That leaves Inland Air as the remaining float plane operator in the region, North Pacific Airlines having closed its operations a decade ago.

A closure that saw the opportunity for Ocean Pacific to take flight and serve the region.

Updates on the progress of their sale plans will likely be found through their social media page.

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  1. Glad to see you retiring. Sorry to see you go. Have some good well deserved years.

  2. Sorry to see you go. You used to make trips to Kincolith right?

  3. Well deserved retiremment. Fun halloween parties in the hangar­čść