Friday, April 21, 2023

BC Government HIGH-lights the benefits of local, legal cannabis on 4/20

The City of Prince Rupert's map of areas where Retail Recreational
Cannabis businesses are permitted
(From the City of PR)

It's somewhat unusual to see Government providing for the marketing for consumer goods, particularly goods that only recently shift from the hazy markets to the legal ones, but on 4/20, 2023 the BC Government was urging British Columbians to buy local.

Marking the day that once was the focus for rebellious activity, but now is for the most part just another day on the calendar,  the government was pushing three elements of their Local focus, as part of their Stronger for BC program.

Noting of the BC Advantages in Safety, Quality and Support of local business.

As part of their 4/20 campaign, the BC Government also provided some background information towards their legal cannabis campaign.

Not mentioned as part of their 4/20 marketing blitz was the returns that the legalization of cannabis have delivered to the British Columbia Treasury.

In financial notes from one year ago, it was observed that by May of 2022 the province had received $112.74 in federal excise duties and collected 91.3 million dollars in Provincial Sales Tax.

After a flurry of interest a few years ago, Prince Rupert's cannabis retail market has settled with a number of commercial operations in place, though the once proposed BC Government Operation out of the BC Liquor store on Second West and McBride has yet to make a debut.

While the legal operations have carved out their share of the Market in the community, a quick smell of the air a times in the downtown core and other ares of the city indicates that the issue of illegal grows and those determined as medicinal continue to make for discussion themes at City Council, with few solutions found as of yet to address the issue.

More notes the heady days of Cannabis investment in Prince Rupert can be reviewed from our archive page.

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