Sunday, April 30, 2023

Blog Watching: Week ending April 30, 2023

Plans for a new ILWU hall in Prince Rupert dominated our weeks worth of items, with our notes on what's ahead making for our most read story of the week.

Some Civic themes also made for much review over the last seven days, starting with our review of the final stages of the 2023 Budget Discussion that delivered a 12.5% tax hike for residents for this year.

Other notes from City Hall to capture the attention of our readers included, the path forward for the city's waterline and wastewater replacement programs, as well as some discussion through the online submission process of the Budget Consult that asked questions of the current professional paid Fire Service in the community.

One other item of note from the week was the announcement of plans for a partnership between SD52 and Northern health on dedicated daycare placements for Northern Health staff members.

From the weeks review the most read of our items however was focused on what is planned for a new ILWU Hall in downtown Prince Rupert.
More details unveiled towards new ILWU Hall in downtown Prince Rupert  -- Speculation began almost as soon as the walls of the firmer ILWU Hall came down and this week, the Union and a number of other industry stakeholders gathered at the site at First West and Eighth Street. The topic of what comes next for the property the main attraction as plans for the new Hall were announced/   (posted April 24 , 2023

That article was followed by: 

Tax Hike prophecy of the fall, became Tax Hike Reality on Monday as Council approves 12.5% rate increase -- The City's Budget process came to a conclusion this week, with a final public commentary segment and two go rounds for Council members before adopting the Financial plan and 12.5% tax hike for residents.  You can review our full archive of Budget themes here.  (posted  April 26 , 2023

City staff to outline path forward for waterline plans in Prince Rupert, with work to be led by Coast Tsimshian Northern Contractors Alliance -- The start of the city's waterline replacement program is about to start, with our preview of Monday's report for council gaining a strong volume of readers.  Out look at the presentation from Operations Director Richard Pucci also received some strong interest. (posted  April 26 , 2023

SD52 and Northern Health partner up to create new child care spaces in Prince Rupert  -- A collaboration between the Prince Rupert School District and Northern Health will receive a number of newly created daycare spaces for health care professionals in the community.    (posted April 25, 2023

City Council heard feedback on Fire Service status as part of Budget's online focus  -- While it made for a fair bit of some of the Budget simulation feedback delivered to City Council members from the Rupert Talks online forum, the prospect of any change towards Fire Protection in Prince Rupert does not appear to have made for any consideration during the 2023 Budget Process. (posted April 27, 2023

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