Thursday, April 20, 2023

Newest feature for Wheelhouse Brewing Company waterfront project now on display


One of the new Wayfaring signs for the city with the renovations for
the CN Heritage building underway on the waterfront. 

There's been another mark of progress for the ongoing work on the waterfront CN Station that is being transformed into the new home for Prince Rupert's Wheelhouse Brewing Company with the upper level lounge area now glinting in the sunlight on those sunny days at Rotary waterfront park,

Two views of the ongoing work at the Wheelhouse Brewing Company 
 work on the city owned CN Building on the waterfront 

While opening day is still more than a few months away,  we can think of one feature of the new location may be something for the Brewers of the Wheelhouse to give some product placement towards.  

With the VIA Rail train still using that are of the waterfront for staging for its trip along the Skeena and on through the Skeena and Bulkley Valley to Prince George.

Once settled in and in operation at their waterfront establishment, we offer up Skeena Rocket Ale (TM pending) as a potential brand for a Wheelhouse beverage to celebrate it's new association with the railway to go along with the original nautical themes.

For the moment back at their current digs down by the Atlin Terminal, the Wheelhouse is currently offering up a theatrical themed ale, one that should see some increase in interest through this weekend as the Production of Mamma Mia launches, with night number one tonight set for the Lester Centre.

In addition to the Lester Lager themes, you can learn about the Brewery's hiring call for the Spring and other notes through their social media page.

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