Monday, April 17, 2023

Woodworth Dam project gains two awards at BC Awards Show

The City of Prince Rupert's Woodworth Dam project, completed in 2022 and back in service earlier this year,  has been hailed at the 33rd Annual Awards for Engineering and Excellence Gala which was held in Vancouver on April 13th.

The city's engineering parter Austin Engineering now known as BBA, was celebrated for its work in developed an innovative 3D printing approach towards the project.

For their work, the lead engineering contractor was the recipient of the Lieutenant Governor's Award and the Award of Excellence in the Municipal and Civil Infrastructure category at the Association of Consulting Engineering Companies BC Awards ceremony. 

The Lieutenant Governor's Award is presented to one winner from amongst the recipients of the Awards of Excellence category.

Information and photo from ACEC-BC Awards page

The City shared their success with the community on Friday afternoon.

More on the award winning work can be reviewed here.

Contractors BBA were up against nine other projects in the Municipal and Civil infrastructure category

A look at what the awards program is all about can be found here.

BBA provided some background to the awards as well, which you can review here.

The first RFP for the Project was issued in 2018, most of the construction work was delayed until 2020, with the majority of the work taking place in 2021 and 2022.

The project was estimated to cost 23 million dollars in 2020,  financed partially by Grants, with some of the cost addressed by Prince Rupert Legacy, with 10 million dollars part of loan authorization.

The City of Prince Rupert 2023 Budget presentation in March, noted of some additional funding required for work that carried over into this year..

The Woodworth Dam was deemed officially back in service in February

Some of the past notes from the City of Prince Rupert towards the project can be explored through our Major Projects archive.

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  1. First Watson Island award, now these awards! Woop Woop