Thursday, April 20, 2023

A North Coast welcome for Filipino delegation to Coast Mountain College

A visiting delegation from a University in the Philippines toured 
Coast Mountain College facilities last week 
(Photo from CMTN )

Tours of two campuses and a chance to exchange some ideas made for some of the plans last week as a delegation of Educators  from the Philippines explored the Coast Mountain College faculties in Terrace and Prince Rupert.

The group from Central Bicol State University of Agriculture met with College officials in support of a memorandum of understanding towards plans for sharing of knowledge teaching and learning opportunities between the two institutions.

The Prince Rupert campus was one stop of a tour of the northwest
for visitors from a Philippine University last week

The visitors to Northwest BC met with Senior College officials, deans, associate registrars, faculty, support staff and students as part of their tours of both the Terrace campus and the one in Prince Rupert. 

The exchange between the participants something that Coast Mountain College officials hope will lay the groundwork for future collaborations in study-abroad and exchange programs between British Columbia and the Philippines.

“We share much in common, including a focus on Indigenization and training interests in coastal ecology and trades, all of which are important to the future success of our communities”  -- Dr. Titi Kunkel, Vice President, Academic, Students and International, Coast Mountain College

The guests found much to enjoy from their visit to the region with Jerome Hipolito, International Relations Officer for CBSUA noting of some of the areas that were of much interest for the Filipino delegation.
“It was a powerful experience to be immersed in the cultures and communities that CMTN serves. We now better understand the uniqueness of CMTN, the common ground between our organizations, and the opportunities to collaborate on environmental science, industrial technology, and criminology studies, instructional pedagogy, and field schools.” 

The work of last week will now move forward as part of three year period of join project development for the two institutions.

Considering the strong Filipino-Canadian presence across the Northwest and exchange with the University in the Philippines would likely make for some positive experiences on both sides of the Pacifici.

The outline of the visit is available from Coast Mountain College here, more notes on the college from across the Northwest can be explored through our archive page.

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