Friday, April 21, 2023

Province of BC, Port of Prince Rupert partner up towards cleaner, greener trade

A Greener Port is the focus of Provincial Government announcement 
today towards environmental initiatives in Prince Rupert
(image from PRPA)

One day before we all observe Earth Day on the North Coast, the Province has come to town with news of a new program towards environmental themes dedicated towards the marine environment on the Prince Rupert waterfront.

Earlier this morning the province of British Columbia and Port of Prince Rupert are set to expand on the Port's current environmental initiatives and move them forward towards developing the greenest port in the Nation. 

As part of their announcement today, the Province outlined the plans ahead through their Stronger BC Economic Plan and the development of an Integrated Marketplace at the port that will support a range of emission reduction related programs.

Of key focus for the program:

Towards the initiative, Prince Rupert Port Authority President and CEO Shaun Stevenson observed now the initiative will serve to make the Prince Rupert gateway resilient and sustainable.

“Sixty billion dollars worth of cargo flows through the Prince Rupert gateway each year and we are committed to advancing B.C.’s homegrown technology that reduces the environmental impacts of the port operations that enable that trade. Through this partnership, the Integrated Marketplace will help us build a safer, more resilient and sustainable port that can support British Columbia and Canada’s trade demands and ambitions well into the future.”

The provincial program is modelled after one introduced at Vancouver International Airport in 2020.

With the expansion to Prince Rupert, the initiative will allow the port to source and test innovative technology solutions that reduce greenhouses gases, increase productivity and improve safety. This will create more opportunities for innovation, while optimizing the movement of imports and exports through the port.

The Port Authority Followed up on Today's announcement with an update through their Social media stream towards the plans for the future.

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North Coast MLA Jennifer Rice observed today how the program will benefit not just the Port footprint but the entire community.

“Having the Integrated Marketplace initiative at the port will support not only Prince Rupert, but the whole North Coast community, and beyond. We welcome the initiative and look forward to infusing more innovation that will bring more safety, co-operation and productivity to our communities to benefit British Columbians.”

More background on today's announcement, including comments from DP World and BC's Transportation Minister Rob Fleming can be reviewed here.

More notes from the Legislature can be reviewed here.

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  1. Digitization of the port? Read: automation.

  2. What are the chances that on the very same day, the Port joins the ILWU on the union hall ground breaking but then also celebrates getting $11 million to focus on “optimization of operations …key areas of focus … sharing data and process improvements, telematics and digitization of the port”

    Anyone else worried about the horrible impact that automation will have on our port?

    1. Adding to your speculation , the PRPA seemed to say the quiet part out loud with their social media: “optimize our trade gateway by sourcing technology solutions that increase productivity”

      Where there’s smoke there’s fire