Friday, April 14, 2023

District of Port Edward makes for modest tax increase of 3% for 2023 Budget

Unlike their neighbours down the road, residents of the District of Port Edward are not in store for the shock of a double digit tax increase for 2023. 

With the District setting their ask of the taxpayer of just 3%, the details towards their plans delivered in a correspondence to community members.

Something that may give the District cause to add to their slogan of Clean, Neat and Green by tagging on affordable ...

The update for Residents on the 2023 Budget and Five Year Financial plan notes of a stable Operationals Budget with incremental changes throughout.

Some of the priorities for the District include:

Critical infrastructure work, planning for future repairs for both Boundary and Nelson with some minor repairs a possibility this year. 

The District also notes of a new Fire Truck for the community that should arrive before the end of the year, with the District finding success through grants and donations towards that purchase.

The Mayor and Council noting that in these inflationary times, that their proposed 3% tax increase is a reasonable move towards their financing plans.

Included in the information relay for District residents is a look at the revenues that they bring in and the expenses that make for the spending for Port Edward.

On the money coming in side, the largest revenue stream is by Transfers from other funds, the Port Edward share of the Ridley Island Tax agreement, as well as the different classes of Taxation that the District has.

Towards the spending, the District notes that Capital Expenditures, accounting for almost half, makes for the largest share of money going out. Follow by Public Works and Government Services.

District residents, and those from outside Port Edward with an interest in how they balance their books can explore the full information package here.

The next run through of the Document will come at the April 25th Council session in the Port Edward District office.

More notes on themes from Port Edward can be reviewed through our archive page.

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