Tuesday, April 18, 2023

Final period of access looms for online Budget consultation for Rupert Talks Balancing Act

The days of opportunity for you to be Chief Financial Officer for a Day, are fast coming to an end.

That as the city's budget consultation period winds down for 2023 and with it your chance to sharpen your pencils on civic costs as part of the online "Balancing Act" mechanism hosted on the Rupert Talks project.

The online program which has been in use for a few years now by the City, offers residents a chance to re-allocate funding to areas that they would prefer to see civic money spent on. 

The final draft you submit, will give the City's Council members opportunity to gauge your feedback compared to how they believe tax payer money should be allocated.

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The City's Rupert Talks portal also has some extensive resource material related to the Budget process fo 2023, you can review that information stream here.

Some of the questions, though not all of them, that have been raised in the first public engagement have been answered by staff in the Frequently Asked Questions section.

The one significant question yet to be outlined is the leasing arrangement by the City for the planned use of the McCarthy GM facility for Civic operations.

You can access the Balancing Act program and forward your version of the budget to City Council from the link  here.

Residents have one more in person opportunity to make their views known on the city's plans for spending and the proposed tax increase, that comes on April 22nd as part of the Regular Council Session that night.

You can review more notes on our Budget themes here.

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