Friday, April 14, 2023

Weekend Avalanche Risk listed as Considerable for Northwest BC ranges, less in Bulkley Valley region

The risk for avalanche is greater for the western end of
Northwest ranges compared to those in Bulkley Valley and
points to the east

Outdoors enthusiasts heading into Alpine and Backcountry regions should take note of the latest information release from Avalanche Canada, the notes for the days ahead coming in the wake of a fatal avalanche earlier this week that claimed a life in the Stewart alpine region. 

The weekend forecast has Considerable risk for the Alpine and Treeline regions of Northwest British Columbia's coastal ranges, the risk lessens towards the Smithers and points east areas.

In the Stewart avalanche of Tuesday, the notes from Avalanche Canada highlight the situation in the Alpine region that created the risk and subsequent incident.

A fatal avalanche occurred north of Stewart on Tuesday. It was a skier-triggered size 3 persistent slab avalanche that occurred on a northeast aspect of the alpine. 

The Stewart incident claimed one life and left three others injured

1 dead, 3 injured in northern BC avalanche
One killed, 3 injured in avalanche during northern BC heliskiing trip
1 dead, 3 injured in northern BC avalanche

Avalanche Canada also notes of two other incidents that occurred this week.

Two additional skier-triggered size 2-2.5 persistent slab avalanches were also reported on northerly aspects at treeline and above on Tuesday. The depth of the weak layer was around 60-80 cm. 

On Monday, several skier-triggered size 2 persistent slabs were reported on a variety of aspects at treeline and above. The slabs were 25-80 cm thick.

Follow Avalanche Canada here, for a wider overview of backcountry safety planning.

Past weather related notes can be explored from our archive page.

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