Monday, April 24, 2023

City Council Preview: Monday, April 24, 2023

The final Regular council session scheduled for April  takes place this evening, the night a mix of reports and Bylaw measures up for consideration.

The evening starts with the Committee of the Whole, which features a presentation  from an animal rescue group, as well as the presentation of the 2023 Civic Budget and its proposed 12.5% tax increase.

The documentation included as part of the Committee of the Whole report (see here) provides a look at some of the findings from the online consultation, as well as some revisions towards spending and borrowing for large infrastructure projects.

The Session also offers a final opportunity for comment from the public towards the Budget proposal.

The Committee of the Whole portion of the night will also include a presentation from the Animal Rescue group PURS in Prince Rupert.

The Regular Session 

Tonight's Regular Council session starts at 7 PM and can be viewed by way of the Live Feed from the City Website, or on Cable Television from CityWest Cable channel 10/310.

The session is normally posted to the City's YouTube archive within 24 hours of the session concluding.

Among the items for review an update on plans for the Situation Table program in Prince Rupert,  a contract award for the city's waterline replacement program, a pair of variance requests and support for a liquor licence for the Wheelhouse Brewing Company for the Waterfront location are some of the themes to be explored on the evening.

You can review the Regular Council Agenda Package for tonight's session here

Council will also hold a Closed Session at 5 PM citing two areas of the Community Charter related to the closure to the public.

(j) information that is prohibited, or information that if it were presented in a document would be prohibited from disclosure under section 21 of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act; 

(k) negotiations and related discussions respecting the proposed provision of a municipal service that are at their preliminary stages and that, in the view of the council, could reasonably be expected to harm the interests of the municipality if they were held in public.

The outline of Council's work ahead for the evening can be reviewed below:  



Call to Order -- The Mayor will call the Public Hearing to Order

Petitions and Delegations: Chantal Cornwall -- Presentation related to Pawz United Rescue Society (PURS)

2023 Proposed Budget -- That Council recommend the inclusion of a 12.5% property tax increase to balance the 2023 Budget  and that Council approve the Budget as presented (see report here)

Public Comment Period  -- The April 24th session was previously identified as the final opportunity for public comment on the 2023 budget process. Those in attendance will be offered the opportunity to comment or make inquiries on any topic of note for them.

Adjournment of Public Hearing



Approval of Agenda  -- The Mayor will review the Agenda of the April 24th session and seek approval of Council  towards it. 

Public Comments regarding Agenda items -- This period offers a chance for those in attendance to speak to any items to be addressed on the Agenda for the evening. 

Consent Agenda

Council minutes -- Council will review and adopt the minutes of both the Special and Regular Sessions for April 11. 


North Coast Regional District Board Highlights   (see page 8 of Agenda)

Thank you from Special Events (see pages 9-10 of Agenda)

Letter of Support from the Carrier Sekani Family Services re: CSFS Project through the First Peoples Cultural Council for their Pillars of Hope and Strength project (see page 11 of Agenda)

Announcement re: Virtual Public Open House about negotiations on the Kitselas Treaty and Kitskumaklum Treaty (see page 12 of Agenda)

Update on the Situation Table Program Roll Out (see page 13-16 of Agenda)


Council will be asked that all items of the Consent Agreementt be accepted and filed 

Staff Reports

Report from the Corporate Administrator -- Report re: Committee of the Whole Resolutions

Report from The Corporate Administrator -- DVP 23-01  -- Recommendation that Council proceed to approval for Development Variance Permit #23-01 for a property on 4th Avenue East (see page 17 -22 of Agenda)

Report from The Corporate Administrator -- DVP 23-02  -- Recommendation that Council proceed to statutory notification for Development Variance Permit #23-01 for a property on 6h Avenue East. (see page 23-27 of Agenda)

Report from the Director of Operations and Intergovernmental Relations: Re: Water Infrastructure Project - Phase 1 Award -- Council will receive a recommendation and award to Coast Tsimshian Northern Contractors Alliance  (CTNCA) for Phase 1 of the Water Infrastructure program for up to 20 Million dollars under the Master Service Agreement. (see page 28 -  32 of Agenda)

Report from the Corporate Administrator -- Report re: Liquor Licence Amendment -- Recommendation that Council support the Liquor Licence Amendment to enable a lounge area endorsement for 380 Bill Murray Drive as requested.  (see page 33 of Agenda)


Cow Bay Marina Fees and Regulations Amendment Bylaw No. 3516, 2023 -- Council will give fourth and final reading to the City of Prince Rupert Marina Fees and Regulations Amendment Bylaw  (see page 34 -  35 of Agenda)

Business Arising

Council Round Table and Public Question Period -- Council members will have opportunity to raise items of interest or concern for consideration.

Adjournment -- The Mayor will bring the session to a close with a call to adjourn

The live broadcast of the City Council Session can be found here, a video archive of the past sessions of Council is available from the City's YouTube archive.

Further notes related to this evening's session can be reviewed from our Council Archive Page

Our archive of all of the City Council sessions for 2023 is available here.

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