Wednesday, April 19, 2023

Prince Rupert Fire/Rescue seeking new recruit for City's Fire Department

The Prince Rupert Fire/Rescue has put the Help Wanted sign one more time, with a Spring hiring call for a Fire fighter position with the First Avenue West Fire Hall.

Posted last Friday, the Employment posting provides a look at the minimum requirements, preferred qualifications and some additional items of note for those that may be considering a career in municipal fire fighting.

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The last six months  have been a busy period of recruitment for the Prince Rupert Service, with a number of posts filled as the Department sees some of their existing crew members take retirement.

As we noted back in March, that during the day dedicated towards equity for women, the Prince Rupert Fire Department at the moment has no female members on staff, with Council yet to ask officials as to why that continues to be the state of the local service. 

Or what is making for any challenges towards any municipal goals towards equity. 

More notes on past Civic hiring can be reviewed from our archive page.

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