Tuesday, April 25, 2023

Plans moving forward for PUMP track build for Prince Rupert

A sample of the fun to come at a permanent home was on display
at Earth Day on Saturday at Seal Cove

(Image from City of PR FB)

 Those who took in the Earth Day celebrations at Seal Cove over the weekend had a sneak preview of sorts of the kid of fun that could soon be a fixture along Hays Creek near the Civic Centre.

The North Coast Mountain Bike Association hosted one of the events of Saturday setting up a course for youngsters to check out in the parking area adjacent to the Seal Cove Salt March, with good numbers taking advantage of the Bike Sills course (see their photo collection here)

Towards their plans for a permanent home along Hays Creek, NCMBA had some big news to share last month with DP World joining the list of corporate donors towards the project, the Fairview Container Terminal Operation donating 20,000 dollars boards the project.

Other would be corporate supporters can learn how to participate in the donation program here

As they note, the NCMBA is hopeful of breaking ground on the Hays Creek project sometime this year. 

The Footprint for the proposed NCMBA Pump Track along Hays Creek
(from City of PR)

The site and licence of occupation was approved by Prince Rupert City Council last year, the estimated budget for the NCMBA towards their plans is $324,000 you can learn more about the project here.

Follow the NCMBA Social media stream for updates on their plans.

Some past notes on the project can be reviewed from our archive page.

1 comment:

  1. Their fantastic fundraising update provides a strange example of something resembling our local tax unfairness:

    Top tier sponsors - Citywest (public owned), Lions Club (volunteers)

    2nd tier sponsors - Altagas & Pembina (uncapped port industry) and Lighten Up Electric (local small business)

    3rd tier - DP World (multinational multibillion company)

    This is bass-ackwards!