Thursday, April 20, 2023

City of Prince Rupert outlines steps ahead for launch of Civic climate plan

The City of Prince Rupert is looking to move forward towards a Climate Plan for the community, a project that City Staff notes will become a guide towards how Prince Rupert's infrastructure and services will adapt to the impacts of the Climate Change.

“As a City going through an extensive period of renewal and revitalization, it just makes sense to be considering how we can make our community ready to face the effects of a changing climate. This project, which is fully grant funded, will help us make sure that we have good data in hand to move forward, and are identifying opportunities to be energy and climate conscious wherever possible.” -- Prince Rupert Mayor Herb Pond

The project is to be fully funded by the Provincial Ministry of Emergency Management and Climate Readiness, the City outlined how the process ahead will work with an information release on Wednesday.

The city's work on the initiative began with a call for proposals posted to the provincial BC Bid website on Wednesday, with the details of what the City is seeking from the process noted as follows:

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Once awarded, the contract is estimated to run for a twelve month period, the deadline for submissions of interest is May 26th. 

The City's Planning Manager, Myfannwy Pope is  the City's contact person for the initiative.

The RFP for the project can be reviewed from the BC Bid Website

It's not the first time that City staff has put forward work on Climate themes, last fall the City released its Climate Action Plan which identified the object to develop a plan for climate change adaptation.

October 2022 -- City to move forward with grant application towards Low Carbon Resilience Climate Action Plan
October 2022 -- City's Climate Action plan to be revealed at council session tonight

That work noted that it would be building on climate commitments from the City's 2021 Official Community Plan, the document adopted in May of 2021

The Climate Change themes from that report begin on page 61 from the link below

Official Community Plan 

The work on the OCP began in 2020 with then Councillor Blair Mirau a key proponent towards the climate themes. 

Former Mayor Lee Brain and Ken Shaw
making a climate presentation in 2018 for CityCouncil

Some of the seeds for the City's focus on Climate themes perhaps came from a presentation of then mayor Lee Brain's First Draft for a Sustainable City 2030 initiative.

Whether  the city's final work on a Climate Plan resembles those early themes of five years ago will be something to look for once the BC Bid process is complete and the latest version of the city's Climate focus is delivered.

The city hopes to launch the project in July of this year, with the final presentation  for City Council to come one year from now.

Wednesday's announcement notes that further engagement is coming, with guidance to watch the Rupert Talks online portal for more direction on how to participate.

More notes on City Council themes can be reviewed here.

Previous themes on civic related climate change and sustainability issues can be found from our archive page here.

Some of the City's previous RFP requests can be explored from our archive page.


  1. Are the RCMP and new CN Station hydrocarbon free? What is being used for heating and cooking?

    1. Red herring. Bad faith. #MALICE

    2. Above I asked a fair question. The city has this carbon footprint reduction in the OCP. Are we following the intent of the document?

  2. Start with an anti idling bylaw and then take steps to decarbonize transport from Rupert to the airport.
    Our city spends $450K+ spend a year with northwest fuels. Every city vehicle should have some form of data device in it to reduce that spend.

  3. On mybock people idle there vehicles for over an hr when its not even cold, its ridiculous. And good luck getting bylaw to do anything in this town.