Sunday, April 23, 2023

Blog Watching: Week ending April 23, 2023

A pair of construction sites made for two of our most read items for the week, with our look at the CN Waterfront and ILWU property on First Avenue West both catching the eye of readers.

The skies of Prince Rupert will have one less commercial option in the short term, as we outlined the notes towards the end of service for Ocean Pacific Airlines and pilot Ken Cote's decision to step away from commercial aviation.

The start of a labour dispute between Federal Workers and their employees found Prince Rupert worked on the picket line, with employees making their concerns known at the DFO offices and Seal Cove Coast Guard base to name a few locations.

The final item of our list of five of the week notes of accolades for a pair of Mounties for their work on a suicidal person call on the city; with the Province of BC recognizing their work with awards for Meritorious Service for Exemplary Performance.

From the weeks review the most read of our items however was focused on a new waterfront project quickly taking shape.
Old Roundhouse location on Prince Waterfront set for a rebirth -- An Edmonton based construction group is making some quick work on the waterfront,  as they take to building a structure for CN Rail on the space located near the former Roundhouse location.  (posted April 18 , 2023

That article was followed by: 

Ken Cote bids farewell to the skies as he brings decades of aviation to a close on the North Coast -- A long time fixture at Seal Cove Float plane terminal and over the skies of the North Coast has announced his retirement plans. (posted  April 21 , 2023

Down in the Hole ... A New Hall Awaits -- We started the week off exploring the now vacant lot that once hosted the ILWU 505 Hall in Prince Rupert. By weeks end a collection of officials from labour, industry and government had hosted a ground breaking ceremony to outline what was ahead for the corner of First Avenue West and Eighth Street.   (posted  April 17, 2023

Federal Workers hit the strike lines as talks break down between government and workers -- Across Prince Rupert picket lines went up wherever Federal workers were employed, with Wednesday Day One of a labour dispute for an increased salary and a range of other issues between the two sides.  (posted April 19, 2023

Prince Rupert RCMP members among those honoured for valour, service in BC Awards Ceremony this week --  The Province of British Columbia resumed its public recognition ceremony this week, the first one since 2019 and among the recipients of Awards and honours were a pair of RCMP members from Prince Rupert, along with others from the Northwest. (posted April 21, 2023

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