Monday, April 24, 2023

City Staff to outline path forward for waterline plans in Prince Rupert, with work to be led by Coast Tsimshian Northern Contractors Alliance

A map of the high risk for failure waterlines in the community
(From City of PR Report

The roll out of work on the city's aging and in some cases near collapse of waterline infrastructure has been put forward to City Council, as part of a Report for Council for tonight's Council session. 

The conclusion to the report by the City's Operations Director Richard Pucci, setting the scene for the current status of the city's infrastructure and how city staff intend to approach.

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The work ahead got a boost by the province in March, when Premier David Eby came to town to announce 65 million dollars in provincial money towards the city's infrastructure woes.

As the report notes, the City is following up on that with a request of the Federal Government for 65 million more, that through the Federal Disaster Mitigation Fund.

As we noted last week, Dominic Leblanc, the Federal Minister for Infrastructure and Communities had observed of that fund in discussion with Skeena-Bulkley Valley MP Taylor Bachrach, indicating that for the current situation that was the City's best approach towards accessing federal funding.

Towards the work ahead, Coast Tsimshian Northern Contractors Alliance will be the lead contractor for the work through a Master Service Agreement. 

A secondary project on First Avenue East, which is already underway has been awarded to Broadwater Industries.

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The Full report, which provides further background on the plans for priority repairs, the next steps moving forward along with a pair of maps of critical infrastructure areas of concern,  can be reviewed through the City's Agenda for this evening's session .

More notes on the City's infrastructure themes is available here.

Additional themes to be reviewed at tonight's City Council Session can be explore through our Council Preview.

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