Monday, April 24, 2023

City of Prince Rupert looks to move 'Situation Table' initiative forward in 2023

The City of Prince Rupert is making plans to move forward
with the an initiative for those with Acute Elevated Risk
in the community
(image above from BC Gov't of the Surrey Situation Table)

A community engagement program to explore social and crime related issues may finally get a start in Prince Rupert this year, with City Staff to update Council on the process ahead for the "Situation Table" program.

First introduced in 2020, the pandemic and some other mechanics to the program resulted in a delay for implementation in Prince Rupert, with the project seemingly back in motion now.

As noted in the report available on the Agenda for tonight's Council Session, the first step will be the recruitment of two individuals from relevant organizations to serve as the Chair and Co-Chair of the Prince Rupert Situation Table 

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Council members first heard about the Situation Table initiative back in 2020, that as part of an presentation from Ms. Shannon Tucker from the provincial office of Crime Reduction and Gang Reduction.

The elements of concern that the program may address, have been a topic for council a few times since that 2020 presentation.  

Themes that were followed up on one year later by Councillor Nick Adey, who is among the strongest supporters for the program on Council.

Those observations of local events of 2021 served as a reminder towards the proposed project that had yet to be acted upon.

Challenges towards policing in Prince Rupert were last reviewed by the Detachment in June of 2022.

If they wish, Council members can make mention of the Report and offer up comments towards their views as part of the council session proceedings this evening.

More notes related to this evening's City Council Session can be reviewed through our Preview piece here.

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