Saturday, December 20, 2014

4.3, 4.7 magnitude earthquakes Saturday, SW of Bella Bella

4.3 earthquake just before 2 PM
Dec 20
4.7 earthquake just before
6 PM Dec 20

An area North of Port Hardy and Southwest of Bella Bella was the epicentre of moderate earthquake this afternoon, with a 4.3 magnitude earthquake recorded by the USGS at just before 2 PM this afternoon.

The quake located 162 km SW of Bella Bella was listed with a  depth of 10 km.

It is the latest temblor to be felt along the fault lines off shore in recent weeks.

No Tsunami warning was issued as a result of today's seismic event.

The First quake was followed by a Second one, reported just before 6 PM, initially reported to have had a magnitude of 5.1, later revised to 4.7,  located slightly further offshore at 196 km SW of Bella Bella, it also had a depth of 10 km.

Again No Tsunami warning was generated by that event/

You can review past events from our archive page here.

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