Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Tree Selection time beckons for many on the North Coast

The annual ritual of selecting the Christmas tree is now upon us, with both Overwaitea and the Rotary Tree lots brimming with options for local residents looking for just the right festive touch.

And while we personally prefer the personal shopper approach of the Rotary Lot at the McBride Street Tennis Courts.  Where advice on your tree is readily available, as are a few strong hands to haul it to your car, for some on the North Coast, a trek into the wilderness is just the right family outing for the Christmas season.

With that in mind, the Ministry of Forest, Lands and Natural Resources has a few suggestions to help make your Christmas Tree Search go just a little bit smoother this year.

The Ministry website offers up advice on Where to Cut your Trees from Crown Land, some Tree Cutting Guidelines, helpful advice on What Species of Tree might be best for your needs and Safety Information as you head out into the woods.

As well, the Ministry also reminds North Coast Residents that any Christmas Tree harvest on Crown Lands requires a permit. With the wise counsel that those that intend to get their own tree should read the permit details completely before they take chainsaw to tree in the woods.

Of course, once you get your tree in the home, Safety concerns should be high on your check list as you decorate the branches in anticipation of the Christmas and New Year season.

With that in mind, the National Fire Protection Association in the US, offers up some helpful Christmas Tree tips on how you can make your holiday season just a little bit safer.

The poster below from NFPA, provides a handy reference for the family to use as they get ready to decorate the tree.

They also offer up a wider range of Safety suggestions for the Winter Season, well worth looking over amidst the holiday preparations.

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