Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Northwest Institute to host Community Dialogue on LNG Development in North West BC

While Petronas and Pacific NorthWest LNG may be deferring a decision on their terminal plans for some time into the future, and the BG Group puts a pause on their plans, those that have concerns regarding the LNG industry in the Northwest are pushing ahead with their information campaign.

With the next public information session coming up this Thursday in Prince Rupert, when the Northwest Institute, in collaboration with West Coast Environmental Law presents what they are calling LNG Community Dialogue Sessions.

The Thursday event is scheduled for the Museum of Northern British Columbia, taking place in the Ceremonial Room tom 5:30 to 8:30 PM.

What is being called a facilitated dialogue, will provide an opportunity for participants to identify the shared values that the two groups believe must be considered and protected when reviewing LNG projects in Northwestern British Columbia.

Community members are invited to engage in the discussion and explore ways that can be put into place to address the gaps in the current review processes.

The Northwest Institute has been fairly active of late in its engagement regarding the Pacific NorthWest LNG project, having recently delivered a four page pamphlet to North Coast homes.

The household mailer went by the title of What you need to know and delivered a number of the points that the environmental group has been trying to deliver across the region in recent months.

Their work takes issue with and focuses some of the aspects of the proposed development for Lelu Island. Offering up more background on their concerns related to the eel grass of the area, the fears of toxic chemicals becoming stirred up and warning of a range of potential disruptions to the estuary during the construction process.

For those that haven't seen their home mailer, you can review their full presentation from the pages below.

Northwest Institute pamphlet page 1
Northwest Institute pamphlet page 2

Northwest Institute pamphlet page 3
Northwest Institute pamphlet page 4

In recent weeks, Pacific NorthWest delivered their own information package to North Coast households,  reviewing the progress of their proposal to that point, detailing the results from their jobs survey and community involvement.

As well, the energy company addressed to some of the environmental issues that had been explored as part of the ongoing Environmental Assessment process.

You can review that stream of information below.

Pacific NorthWest LNG pamphlet page 1
Pacific NorthWest LNG pamphlet page 2

Pacific NorthWest LNG pamphlet page 3
Pacific NorthWest LNG pamphlet page 4

For all of that however, for the moment that project would appear to be in a state of suspension.

While Pacific NorthWest and Petronas, the project's parent company, examine the costs related to the proposal, while keeping an eye on the economic conditions surrounding the energy industry, all of which will have some impact on their eventual Final Investment Decision.

Thursday's Community Dialogue will have those issues as well as their previously outlined concerns making up all part of the background to their public information session at the Museum.

You can learn more about the many North Coast LNG proposals from our archive page here.

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