Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Shames Mountain Co-op has something for Santa's List... Snow

While Northwest residents might be enjoying the break from shovelling snow and plunging temperatures, the rather warm temperatures of December are playing havoc with planning for the region's ski operation Shames Mountain.

The recent warm front that rolled through the region in the first week of December and has lingered for the most part since has reduced the snow levels at Shames to levels that don't allow for the opening of ski season.

The most recent Snow Report from the Mountain had a Base Dept of 10 cm at the Lodge, 60 cm at mid mountain.

From those developments Shames was closed this weekend past, giving some in the area worries for a repeat of 2003, when less than optimum winter conditions left the mountain closed until February.

The My Mountain Co-op, which runs the Mountain is hopeful for a change in the weather patterns owner rather than later, the latest indication on their website suggesting a hopeful date of December 20th for an opening to the season.

Though that is subject to revision depending on the nature of Mother Nature's inclinations.

The most recent Weather Forecast for Shames currently available from the Snow Report site shows but traces of snow through this week, with only slight improvement for the weekend.

Further updates on developments from Shames Mountain can also be found on their Facebook page.

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