Sunday, December 28, 2014

Blog Watching, Week ending December 28 2014

It was a quiet week  for the most part, as holidays and a lighter than usual news cycle combined for fewer items for review on the week.

However, there were still some items that resonated through the last seven days,  with developments from City Hall, CityWest, LNG and  a potential setback for tourism on the North Coast all making for some interesting headlines over the last seven days.

As well as the issues created locally, Mother Nature offered up a few reminders that the British Columbia coast is an active location when it comes to the seismic sciences, with the last week a fairly energetic period of time for the fault lines of the North Pacific.

Leading it all off this week, The Mayor and his Council move forward on some highly anticipated Capital works projects for 2015.

Council approves Capital Works Projects and Projects, but not without some discussion on the Legacy Corporation -- Landfill site expansion and a road to the Woodsworth Dam site will be among some of the projects for 2015 as reviewed at the December 19th Council session, with Council also discussing the work of the Legacy Corporation   (posted December 22, 2014)

That item was followed by:

Sixth earthquake of weekend rumbles along fault line off of Bella Bella  -- A fairly busy seismic period for an area of the North Pacific off of Bella Bella . (posted December 21, 2014)

CityWest delivers cheque of $400,000 as distribution payment to City of Prince Rupert -- It was a bit of recycled news from earlier this year, as the City owned telecommunication company CityWest delivered its dividend for the year  (posted  December 22, 2014)

Kitselas First Nation and Pacific NorthWest LNG Announce Agreement on LNG  -- Pacific NorthWest LNG outlined the nature of its third agreement in less than a week with a local area government when it comes to LNG benefits  ( posted December 23, 2014)

Tourism Prince Rupert/Chamber of Commerce speak out on Ferry Terminal Dispute  -- As the Alaska Marine Terminal renovation project becomes the middle of a cross border tug of war, two local bodies outline their concern at where it all may end   ( posted  December 24, 2014 )

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