Tuesday, December 16, 2014

BC Ferries channels Santa, eliminates fuel surcharge as of Wednesday

Well, for some they've been on Santa's naughty list  from time to time, but for this week, BC Ferries in on the Nice list.

With the Ferry Service making an announcement  on Monday to make many smile, advising that the 3.4 per cent fuel surcharge will be a thing of the past as of tomorrow.

With fuel prices declining in recent months on the world markets, BC Ferries can now reverse its surcharge program put in place as the price of diesel began to rise over the last few years.

It's anticipated that the fuel surcharge will eliminated for at least 18 months, depending on market volatility.

With holiday travel about to increase through the Christmas and New Year's period, BC Ferries President and CEO Mike Corrigan outlined the details of the timely announcement, highlighting what factors contributed to the elimination of the fuel surcharge.

“With the current favourable market conditions, we have been hedging our diesel fuel costs and are now in a position to eliminate the fuel surcharge, which is great news for holiday travellers,” ... “We know that fare affordability is an issue for our customers and we are pleased to be able to reduce the cost of ferry travel, as every bit helps.” -- BC Ferries President and CEO, Mike Corrigan

You can review the full information release from BC Ferries regarding their reduced ticket pricing here.

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