Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Air Canada to expand service to Terrace Airport with direct flight to Calgary

Air Canada CRJ jet (from AC web site)
The Terrace-Kitimat Airport will be featuring more departures and arrivals in the summer of 2015, with word today that Air Canada will be launching a daily Air Canada Express flight between Terrace and Calgary starting June 1st.

The Air Canada announcement came as part of a string of additions to the Air Canada flight schedules across Canada, the Terrace/Calgary connection will make use of the 50 seat Bomardier CRJ service.

Air Canada offered no further additions to the Prince Rupert schedule as part of their media event of today.

The additional flight for Terrace is another check mark off their list of achievements in 2014 , with airport administrators making major strides in offering a wider range of flights between Terrace and communities in BC and Alberta.

The Air Canada schedule addition is perhaps an answer to a similar offering from Hawkair/Central Mountain Air which features the Calgary/Terrace option as part of their schedule.

Terrace weekly Departures Dec 2014
Terrace weekly Arrivals Dec 2014

2014 has proven to be a very successful year for the Terrace-Kitimat airport, with record passenger levels expected to be delivered by the time the year end totals are delivered.

As the current roster of airlines serving that community continue to add to their flight options, those passenger levels out of the Terrace-Kitimat airport seem destined to increase into 2015.

You can review more of the Transportation picture for the North Coast and North West from our archive page here, prominent in our entries, the string of announcements from Terrace through 2014.

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  1. At this point, they should just get a bus that connects Rupert with the Terrace Airport. Granted, most people drive to Terrace airport, but still, would make life easier for those who dont have a car.