Thursday, December 18, 2014

Pacific NorthWest LNG project back on the Environmental Assessment Clock

After a holding pattern at day 167 which started on May 9th , the Lelu Island project for Pacific NorthWest LNG is back on the clock when it comes to its Environmental Assessment process.

The announcement from the Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency was made yesterday, notifying the company and the public, that the process now moves forward after Pacific NorthWest LNG had requested a stop to address some environmental concerns that had been raised thus far.

With Pacific Northwest having introduced new material for review (see here and here) last Friday, the review process once again is in motion, making Wednesday day number 172 of a process that may not deliver an Environmental Approval decision until the midway point of 2015.

Key to the new material is a review of the design changes and associated work in the Lelu Island for the project that Pacific NorthWest LNG has outlined for the CEAA in its submission of December 12th, the synopsis of those changes can be found from the conclusions page found here.

While the Environmental Assessment process works towards a decision, Petronas, the parent company of Pacific NorthWest is examining its prospects for the project, as we outlined on the blog on December 3rd, Petronas recently deferred its Final Investment Decision until sometime in early 2015.

The Globe and Mail provided this review of the re-start on the assessment process, as well as a short recap of some of the latest developments regarding the project.

You can review more on the Pacific NorthWest LNG project from our archive page here.

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