Friday, December 12, 2014

O'Brien Road and Bridge Maintenance among 7 Northern contractors recognized by Province

O'Brien's accepts award from
Province of BC

Maintenance contractors across Northern British Columbia have had their work acknowledged by the Province of British Columbia, with the North Coast contractor O'Brien Road and Bridge Maintenance, recognized as one of the Deputy Minister's Contractors of the Year, recognition for their work on the western end of the Highway 16 corridor.

Making note of the fast changing conditions that can take place on Highway 16, the success of the seven contractors of the North was attributed to their work in challenging conditions and providing for more frequent patrols and quicker response times with plowing, snow removal and salt and sand applications.

Some background on this years award winners can be found here, while a video presentation explains further some of the challenges that each contractor faces from region to region.

The award for 2014 is an welcome change of attention for the contractors, some of which have in the past been under a fair amount of observation and at times criticism from local politicians.

The topic of road maintenance, particular in the winter months along the Highway 16 corridor has in the past been an item of concern with both Prince Rupert and Port Edward councils.

You can review the details of the Contractor of the Year awards from this item from the province.

To get a better understanding of what they have to deal with through the year, see our Highway 16 Corridor archive page.

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