Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Career Trek Videos focus on employment options in Prince Rupert

For those that are looking for a little bit more than just a list of job requirements for employment around the North Coast, a new video portal from Career Trek takes the job seekers behind the scenes of a number of potential occupations in the region.

The video series which debuted about eight months, has highlighted five elements of the work day on the North Coast and not surprising, considering our proximity to the water, four of the five are focused on marine based or related occupations and elements.

The one video that isn't related to some form of employment related to working around the harbour, is that of Paramedic.

Working on board a BC Ferry is another option that the Career Trek team tackles out of Prince Rupert.

Harbour activities are featured in two videos, one exploring the world of the Tug Master, while the second investigates the duties of the Deputy Harbour Master

Wrapping up the video tour is a look at one of the top end jobs at Fairview Terminal, as the Career Trek crew review the requirements of the huge crane operators that lift and transfer at least twenty containers per hour on the Prince Rupert waterfront.

It's not the first time that working at the container port has been featured in a video presentation, as we first mentioned on the blog in September.

At that time we highlighted how Fairview Terminal had been featured as Part of the Changing Face of the waterfront review, a video presentation that focused on the increasing number of jobs for women on British Columbia's waterfront.

As for the Career Trek program,  the initiative which is presented by the Provincial Government's Work BC program, features a review of 95 potential careers for British Colombians to explore.

You can review more of their information from the Career Trek BC website.

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