Thursday, December 11, 2014

Holiday Driver education the goal of Candy Cane Checkstop on Friday

The downtown streets of Prince Rupert will be filled with flashing lights on Friday evening, as the Prince Rupert RCMP, Prince Rupert Fire/Rescue and BC Ambulance Service participate in the annual Candy Cane Checkstop.

An opportunity for the Prince Rupert Detachment to provide a reminder to motorists that they will be watching the roads this holiday season and that those who plan on celebrating should consider alternative transportation options.

"The purpose of the checkstop is to educate drivers and the community of the dangers of drinking and driving and to plan before you party ... If you are planning of drinking over the holiday season, please do not drive. Find an alternative way to get home such as public transit, cabs, or a designated driver who can help ensure that you and the people sharing the road with you get to their destinations safely." ---  Cst. Matt Ericson spokesman with the Prince Rupert RCMP. 

The December 12th check stop is the gentle nudge in the right direction for North Coast residents, those who don't take the suggestions to heart, will find that members of the detachment are going to be out in full force during this holiday season, on the watch for impaired drivers.

You can learn more about the Holiday enforcement campaign from the Prince Rupert RCMP website.

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