Sunday, December 14, 2014

Blog Watching Week ending December 14, 2014

Another strong year is anticipated for the Charles Hays Rainmakers and only a few weeks into their 2014-15 season, they are already making a fair amount of noise on the provincial scene and providing for a fair volume of readers for our items on the blog.

LNG once again proved to be a popular item from the past week, with two items of note gaining attention from our readers, with a recent public session and some background on the Pacific NorthWest LNG timeline both claiming spots in our top five.

A reminder that Wind Power may yet be an option for development on the North Coast was delivered this week, as readers reviewed the five year extension granted to the Naikun Wind Energy project.

Wrapping up our top five, the latest developments on Air Travel in the Northwest, with the Terrace Airport adding yet another flight to their growing list of options for northwest travellers.

Leading it all off this week, our the Rainmakers climb the provincial rankings and take to the stage in the heart of Vancouver Basketball Country

Rainmakers look to make their mark at North Shore Invitational  -- News of the Charles Hays Senior Boys Rainmakers climbing the AAA Provincial rankings, and their efforts at a weekend tournament in North Vancouver topped our listings for most view this week.   (posted December 11, 2014)

That item was followed by:

Northwest Institute to host Community Dialogue on LNG Development in North West BC -- Our item on the most recent public forum on LNG development proved to be a popular item this week. (posted December 9, 2014)

Naikun Energy receives five year extension for Environmental Assessment Certificate Process -- A major wind farm proposal for Hecate Strait receives five more years to show some progress  (posted  December 9, 2014)

Former Pacific NorthWest LNG head anticipates Final Investment Decision within six months  --  Mr. Greg Kist the former head of Pacific NorthWest LNG outlines his thoughts on the Lelu Island LNG timeline to a Toronto business luncheon ( posted December 11, 2014)

Air Canada to expand service to Terrace Airport with direct flight to Calgary  -- More success for the Terrace Airport in becoming the Northwest Gateway, as Air Canada adds to the arrivals and departures listings   ( posted  December 9, 2014 )

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