Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Santa's Journey underway, with North American approach hours away

For many parts of the world Santa has already landed on the rooftops and slipped down the chimney, presents distributed and in some cases already opened.

For North America, the hours are getting shorter before first landfall in Newfoundland and for those looking to track the progress of the Jolly Old Elf, NORAD Is on the Job.

You can follow along from the Colorado Springs HQ of North America's Air Defences, as members of the RCAF and  USAF track and then prepare to provide a welcome to Santa as he makes his travels across the continent.

More on their work can be found in the NORAD HQ section from the Santa Tracker website.

As for the tracking, click here and you will quickly be taken to NORAD control where, satellite, radar and ground observation are providing the vital information on Santa's travels!

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