Sunday, December 21, 2014

Blog Watching, Week ending December 21 2014

LNG items once again proved to be a popular topic for the past week of blog reviews, with four items related to potential LNG development in the region gaining the most attention from our readers.

Some background regarding an agreement between Pacific NorthWest LNG and the District of Port Edward leads off the interest of the week, with news of a similar agreement from the company with representatives of the Metlakatla Governing Council, also gaining attention over the last few days.

Our notes on the recent moves of Australia's Woodside Energy and its interest in a Kitimat project also found a good review, as did our examination of the impact of Oil prices and Politics in Malaysia fon the deliberations for Petronas when it comes to their Lelu Island project.

Also capturing the attention of blog readers was Prince Rupert's placement in a study of the Best Places to Work in BC, that review also attracted a large volume of readers, bringing our top five review to an end.

Leading it all off this week, a significant financial deal for Port Edward and Pacific NorthWest LNG.

District of Port Edward and Pacific NorthWest LNG reach 25 year agreement on property taxes  -- Some significant financial and infrastructure benefits are due to come the way of Port Edward should the Pacific NorthWest LNG proposal for Lelu Island ever break ground  (posted December 15, 2014)

That item was followed by:

Australia's Woodside closes deal on Apache share of Kitimat LNG project -- The Australian energy giant Woodside, signs on for a share of a project in Kitimat, which could leave its plans for Grassy Point in a state of limbo. (posted December 15, 2014)

Oil Prices and Malaysian issues may determine fate of Lelu Island -- While Pacific NorthWest LNG was busy reaching agreements on benefits for area communities, items out of Malaysia highlighted some of the concerns that may be facing Petronas executives  (posted  December 15, 2014)

Metlakatla and Pacific NorthWest LNG sign Benefit agreement on impact of LNG -- Just days after reaching an agreement with the District of Port Edward, Pacific NorthWest LNG outlines some details on an arrangement with the Metlakatla Governing Council ( posted December 18, 2014)

BC Business places Prince Rupert last in recent survey of Best Cities for Work  -- Challenges in Prince Rupert get the spotlight once again, with another survey, this one reviewing the Best Cities for work in the province   ( posted  December 19, 2014 )

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