Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Station 64 SAR Prince Rupert members gain valuable training

Members of the Royal Canadian
Marine Search and Rescue in training
(from the organization's Facebook page)

The local station of the Royal Canadian Marine Search and Rescue have been busy with training programs over the last month, with members from Station 64 in Prince Rupert working with members of Station 63 in Kitimat to achieve higher levels of First Aid knowledge.

Yesterday, Station 64 saluted the 9 members of both stations that recently completed their enhanced training receiving tickets in both Marine Advanced First Aid and First Responder.

As well, Station 64 has recognized one member of the local service, Shelby O'Brien who has passed the Sarnav1 course, attaining full crew status with the local Search and Rescue organization.

Station 64, like others up and down the British Columbia coast stand ready to respond to any marine incident when requested, honing their skills through the year with exercises and expanded training programs.

The local organization will be putting some of their skills to work later this month, when the Northern SarEx exercises take place from April 10-12 in the Prince Rupert area.

That will be a two day exercise that will provide the local station and other groups taking part with real time experience of a number of potential marine emergency situations

For more on the work of Station 64 and how you can become involved see their Facebook page here.

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