Sunday, November 8, 2015

Blog Watching, week ending November 8, 2015

Last week it was pretty well a complete focus on LNG developments that ruled the blog, this week a wider range of topics has captured the attention of our readers over the last seven days.

As items related to crime, Watson Island, politics both federal and provincial and the city's recreation centre all sought out their share of the top five listings on the week.

Readers were particularly interested in a vandalism spree on the Prince Rupert waterfront, as the local detachment turned to the public for some assistance related to the incidents at the Metlakatla Boat Dock in the city last month.

Anytime the words Watson Island appear on the blog the view count is sure to spike and this week was no different, with a large audience looking for more background on the upcoming auction of assets from the old pulp mill site.

A simmering dispute between users of the recreation facility and the city seems to have been resolved, with the issue of the use of the seats in the Russell Gamble Gymnasium seemingly taken care of  after a meeting with the Mayor and city staff.

Politics on two senior levels also proved to be popular this week, with our notes on the recently named Federal Cabinet and a look at some heated discussion in the Legislature this week both attracting a large audience.

However, the lead off item which found the largest audience of the week, was that of some criminal activity on the city's waterfront, and a number of incidents of damage to vehicles parked near the Metlakatla boat dock in the city.

Vandalism spree on Prince Rupert waterfront has RCMP seeking assistance of the public -- The Prince Rupert detachment of the RCMP looks to the public for some help related to a number cases of vandalism at the Prince Rupert dock for the Metlakatla Ferry (posted November 4, 2015)

That article was followed by:

Skeena Pulp Mill assets to go to online auction November 18 and 19 -- The next stage of the re-development plan for the Watson Island pulp mill site will see the assorted assets from the site put up for auction later this month  (posted November 3, 2015)

Bleacher issue resolved for Recreational Basketball League  -- A simmering controversy over the use of bleacher seats at the Russell Gamble Gymnasium appears to have found a solution  (posted  November 2, 2015)

Federal Cabinet selections could play major role in Northwest issues  -- Prime Minister Justin Trudeau revealed the members of his cabinet this week, with a number of new Ministers soon to learn of a number of issues related to the Northwest (posted November 5, 2015)

NDP and Liberals in lively exchange Tuesday over Highway 16 Transportation issues -- Transportation Minister Todd Stone was feeling some heat this week as North Coast MLA Jennifer Rice and other NDP members raised a number of issues related to Highway 16 Transportation and safety concerns for First Nations communities along the corridor  (posted November 3, 2015 )

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