Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Skeena Pulp Mill assets to go to online Auction November 18 and 19

The industrial auction house Aucto
will be holding a two day online
auction later this month to dispose
of the assets of the old Skeena mill 
The next phase of the City of Prince Rupert's plans related to the clean up of the old Watson Island pulp mill site will arrive later this month, when the industrial action company AUCTO.com hosts an online auction  to liquidate the assets of the mill site.

NRI Global Industrial which the City selected earlier this year to handle its affairs related to the disposal of pulp mill assets and decommissioning of a large portion of the site will be hosting the auction.

For its part, NRI has turned the auction process over to AUCTO which will conduct the auction by way of a webcast.

Viewing dates for those that wish to review what is being offered for sale will take place from November 13th to 17th.

More information on the pre viewing process can be obtained from the NRI Group

The Online bidding will start on Wednesday, November 18th and continues on Day 2, Thursday, November 19th.

You can learn more about the Aucto process here

An online review of the Skeena items up for auction can be accessed below

Day One (November 18)

Day Two (November 19)

The announcement of the upcoming two day auction was made through a media release from the auction house.

A large number of items from the old mill will be
up for auction on November 18 and 19

The forward movement related to the old Watson Island site comes up less than a week after the industrial site once again became newsworthy, as a former owner from the SunWave days returned to the conversation through a full page advertisement in the weekly newspaper.

As we outlined last week on the blog, through his notice to the City of Prince Rupert, Mr. NI. Ritao outlined a number of his concerns related to the the settlement agreement of 2013 and an arbitration award of 2015 between Sun Wave and the City.

As part of his open letter to the community, the former owner proclaimed that he considers both of those items to be null and void.  His return to the Watson Island conversation as well as his efforts through the paper provided for this response from the City of Prince Rupert.

You can review of our notes on the long running story of Watson Island from our archive page here.

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