Friday, December 4, 2015

City to host Public Hearing on Stiles Place condo development

A Public Hearing will take place
Monday evening at City Hall
related to a proposed condo project
for the downtown area
Residents with an interest in the plans for development of a property on Stiles Place will want to make some time for a Public Hearing this Monday evening at City Hall, as Prince Rupert Council seeks the input of the public into the proposed condo development overlooking the Prince Rupert harbour at Bill Murray Way.

The proposed development would certainly make for a significant change to the downtown area, providing for a high end condominium development which would make for an impressive statement on the city's downtown area.

The project however, has made for a bit of controversy through it's lengthy process of evaluation at Prince Rupert City Council, with the nature of density and height regulations key among the many discussions related to the proposed development since it was first suggested back in June.

The condo project has also found itself frequently mentioned in discussions related to overall housing strategy in the city.

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At the last Council session, Council members moved forward with a plan to consider spot zoning for the property in question, leading us to Monday's Public hearing.

At that hearing, to be held at 7 PM prior to the Regular Council session of the night (and the final one for 2015) those residents of the city who believe they will be affected by the proposed Bylaw  to introduce the new commercial zone will be offered the chance to provide comments or observations for City Council members.

Anyone who cannot attend the Public Hearing on Monday can take advantage of the opportunity to submit their comments in writing, though they must be received by the Corporate Administrator no later than Noon on December 7th.  

You can address those comments to the attention of Rory Mandryk, City of Prince Rupert, 424 3rd Avenue West, Prince Rupert, V8J 1L7 or by email at

Those with questions about the Public Hearing process can contact Mr. Mandryk at 250-627-0963.

As of Thursday evening, other than a notice listed in the back pages of the weekly paper, the city had not provided a public notice or any background information related to Monday's Public Hearing on the Stiles Place proposal. A situation which leaves residents inclined to submit written comments with little time to put together any form or presentation.

The downtown condo proposal is just one of a number of housing related issues that City Council has discussed through the year, you can review some of those files from our Housing archive.

For more items related to City Council developments see our Council Discussion achieve page here.

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