Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Rotarians look for help with Syrian family sponsorship plans

The Rotary Club of Prince Rupert would appear to be taking the lead in local efforts to help sponsor Syrian Families in this community, with the first notes on the possible plan ahead posted to the Rotary Club or Prince Rupert Facebook page this week.

The local club is following up on national events in recent weeks, which have seen a number of Syrian families brought to Canada from the Middle East. Part of a national resettlement program in the wake of the Civil War currently underway in that nation.

So far, for the most part, those that are being resettled in the country have been putting down their roots in the larger communities, though there is growing interest across the nation in providing opportunities in smaller centres.

To that theme, the local Rotarian's are currently looking to local families, individuals and for wider community support to help sponsor families on the North Coast. With Kristi Farrell listed as the contact person for those seeking more information on how they can help out.

You can contact her at 250-600-1647 or at for more information

You can review the notes from the Rotary Club from their Facebook page here or through their website

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