Monday, December 21, 2015

Graphics error stokes more discussion on Lelu Island project

The proponent of the proposed LNG Terminal at Lelu Island has issued an apology over an error in the presentation of a recent Newspaper advertisement and home mailer received around the region in recent days.

Last Tuesday, Pacific NorthWest LNG took to their Facebook page to highlight the error, which involves a map and figures illustrating eel grass on Flora Bank, noting that due to a design error, the version of the figure used in the presentation does not accurately identify areas where eel grass was present in one year out of four.

They also provided further background into the study of the area which took place from 2007 to 2001 and again through 2015.

The apology and the supplied corrected image can be reviewed below:

Pacific NorthWest LNG apologized for an error
in its graphics presentation recently delivered to
homes and through the local newspaper
(click to expand)

The map was part of a larger community update from the company, which explored a number of themes related to the development.

Included in the presentation was some background into a number of themes, including: Research into fish and fish habitat, Managing potential Social Effects, Education and Training, as well as notes how residents can learn more about their research and more background of the company.

Those in opposition to the project also made note of the disclosure from the LNG Company, in a reply to Pacific NorthWest LNG through the Facebook comments section, Greg Horne who has been in the news recently himself on the issue of Lelu Island, called for the company to also publish apologies in the newspaper and deliver a similar apology by way of community mail out.

The controversy related to the error has been picked up by a number of environmental sites, with the ECOreport providing a short review of the situation, including further background on Mr. Horne's concerns with the apology.

The CEAA environmental process related to the Pacific NorthWest LNG project is expected to deliver its final decision sometime in the early part of 2016.

It was recently restarted after a significant pause in the process, resuming at the day 273 of the 365 day process, a draft report could be released sometime in January or early February if all remains on track from this point.

For more background on the proposed development see our archive page here.

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