Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Taking Stock: North Coast Business Scene -- December 2015

December was a month of little change for the North Coast business scene, with few items to share of note from the last thirty days of our wandering of the shopping district and mall locations in the city.

While the number of changes to the commercial district are small, there have been a few items of note, with a relocation, closure and an addition to an existing business of interest for the last thirty days.


The long anticipated opening of the Ice Cream shop in Eddie's News took place this month, as Rupertites got their ice cream  or frozen yogurt fill from the new addition to the popular Prince Rupert location on Second Avenue West.

Rock and Soul played hopscotch around the city once again, making a shift from their Third Avenue location to a spot in the Upper level of the Rupert Square Mall.

On the departures side of the scale, Traylings wrapped up their operations on Second Avenue West this month, their final items sold off through the month, leaving only the store fixtures and furniture in the store by month's end.

You will be able to find the archive for Taking Stock as a part of our larger page dedicated to the commercial sector of the North Coast found here.

We imagine we probably have missed a few here or there, so if you know of a business having opened, or seen the Going out of business sign appear somewhere in the area, drop us a line at our email account of

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