Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Shames Mountain celebrated in Western Living Magazine

The popular Shames Mountain ski facility is getting some rave reviews thanks to an article in the current edition of Western Living, where the background on the history of the mountain and how people around the Northwest worked together to keep the ski hill a fixture on the Northwest recreation scene is capturing the attention of many who like to hit the slopes.

Andrew Findlay provided the words, while the photographic work of North Coast writer and photographer Frances Riley is featured throughout the article, providing a visual sense of why so many in the region have become fond of Shames.

The main focus of the article finds Findlay tracing how the mountain co-op project got its start and how quickly those living in the communities around the region responded to the call. A burst of community interest from around the Northwest that kept the dream of a regional ski hill alive through some of the darkest days back in 2011.

It's a good read and helpful reminder of the efforts from many around the Northwest that continue to make Shames Mountain a destination for ski enthusiast from near and far.  With prospects looking good for the mountain east of Terrace as they move into full operations for the winter and early spring months.

You can review the article here.

Shames opened for the season on December 11th and ramped up their operations for the Holiday season with some extended days as of the 19th,  the mountain will be open every day until January 3rd with the exception of Christmas Day for those looking to test the slopes.

More information on what Shames Mountain has to offer can be found from their website and Facebook page.

For more items related to Shames Mountain this season see our archive page.

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