Tuesday, December 22, 2015

UFAWU dealing with dual issues on Canadian Fish Cannery closure

UFAWU-Unifor, the union representing workers at the Canadian Fish Oceanside Plant is working two themes as the final days of December wind down, the first a continued effort to get  their message across related to their Campaign on Adjacency.

That union initiative is designed to take the issues of the North Coast Fisher to the Federal Fisheries Minister in Ottawa, a proposal to have fish caught in Northern British Columbia waters processed in Northern BC.

More on that union quest can be found from this item from last month.

Towards that campaign, UFAWU has been hosting a two day Letter Writing Campaign at the Union Hall on Fraser Street, with today the final day of the efforts to keep the pressure on the federal government in Ottawa.  Shore workers have two options when they arrive at the Union Hall, they can sign a prepared letter or they can compose their own.

The letter writing continues at the Fraser Street hall through to the end of the business day today.

While that campaign continues, the reality of the closure of the cannery lines means that a readjustment to the jobs available and Seniority lists will be required and on that theme work continues with UFAWU outlining some of the background on their Facebook page last week.

UFAWU is currently working on a revised Seniority List
in the wake of the closure of canning lines at the Oceanside Cannery
According to the short outline provided, Canadian Fish has told the Union that the plan for the year ahead will have workers unloading and operating the Iron Butchers on pink salmon, with the salmon roe operation also to continue at the plant on George Hills Way.

As well there will be fresh fish hand butchering, as well as supplement work to be available.

Work on the Revised Seniority plan will continue through December and in January the Union intends to meet to elect a committee to negotiate the new Seniority Plan with the Company. With the workers to be provided an opportunity to vote on any new Seniority Plan created.

You can review more on those developments from the UFAWU Facebook page

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