Tuesday, August 22, 2023

City of Prince Rupert downgrades Boil Water Notice

An advisory from the City of Prince Rupert.first issued through their civic app notification program has advised residents that the Boil Water Notice in place for the last number of weeks has now been downgraded to a Water Quality Advisory, that decision made in collaboration with Northern Health.

The details towards what you need to know for the advisory can be reviewed below:

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The most recent Boil Water Advisory had been in place owing to the ongoing work on the city's water supply, the background to the notices was part of a presentation last week from Richard Pucci,  the City of Prince Rupert's Operation Director.

More on the city's current water woes can be explored through a video that the city released last week as a follow up to that presentation.

Today's announcement on the new advisory can be found from the City's website as well.

More notes on the city's water infrastructure plans can be explored here.

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