Sunday, December 7, 2014

Blog Watching, week ending December 7, 2014

LNG Developments and City Council discussions made for the scope of the week's review as far as our top five items of the last seven days.

With interest high in anything to do with the plans of the energy giant Petronas, two articles related to that company cracked our top listings this week.

Another LNG proposal for Grassy Point also gained a fair bit of notice as the the Australian plans for that site moved forward a bit this week.

With a new City Council taking office this past week, a number of our items of note on developments from City Hall found a fair amount of attention.

With two of reviews of Council developments making it into the top five.

Leading it all off this week, our Preview of the New Council and their first night on stage.

City Council Preview, Monday, December 1, 2014  -- Interest was quite high for the debut session of Prince Rupert City Council as readers explored our preview of the night ahead (posted December 1, 2014)

That item was followed by:

Petronas announces it will defer Final Investment Decision on Lelu Island project -- The second major LNG project for the North Coast hits the pause button as Petronas defers its plans for its Lelu Island proposal  (posted December 3, 2014)

Petronas discussions continue in Vancouver -- Before Petronas made their announcement of Wednesday, they had been holding talks with the Provincial government, our outline of those developments found a fairly large audience over the week  (posted  December 2, 2014)

Woodside LNG proposal for Grassy Point goes to Environmental Assessment phase  --  The Australian energy company delivered notice that it was moving forward its application process with an Environmental Assessment process now under way for their Grassy Point proposal ( posted December 1, 2014)

Council makes appointments to a variety of Boards and Organizations -- One of the first duties for the New Prince Rupert City Council was to divide up some of the workload on committees and Boards, we outlined who was going where.   ( posted  December 2, 2014 )

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