Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Council Makes appointments to a variety of Boards and Organizations

One of the very first things that any new City Council must address is who gets to oversee the cheques issued on behalf of the City and who will sit on the range of Board positions that the City currently holds in organizations around the region.

On Monday night Mayor elect Lee Brain and his new Council divided up some of the work load ahead for the year to come.

Addressing the schedule for Acting Mayors for the year ahead,  tasking signing authority to some on Council on the money accounts and announcing which Councillors will be taking on larger roles on behalf of Council for the year ahead.

When it came to the Schedule of Council members that will step in should the Mayor be unavailable, or out of town during a month, the listing of names and months was provided to Page twelve of the Council Agenda of Monday night.

Councillor Cunningham (December 2014)

Councillor Cunningham (January 2015)
Councillor Thorkelson (February 2015)
Councillor Thorkelson (March 2015)
Councillor Kinney (April 2015)
Councillor Kinney (May 2015)
Councillor Mirau (June 2015)
Councillor Mirau (July 2015)
Councillor Randhawa (August 2015)
Councillor Randhawa (September 2015)
Councillor Niesh (October 2015)
Councillor Niesh (November 2015)
Councllor Cunningham (December 2015)

As for the Financial signing requirements of office, Council reviewed a Report from the Chief Financial Officer on the various Financial Accounts.

The Mayor who oversees all three accounts, then announced which Council members would be tasked and seconded to signing authority to which Financial account for the year ahead.

Council then approved each appointment as the items came up for review.

Current Account

Councillor Mirau
Councillor Niesh

Cemetery Account

Councillor Cunningham
Councillor Niesh

US Dollar Account

Councillor Randhwawa
Councillor Mirau

From the nominations through the evening, it would appear that Councillor Barry Cunningham will be the busiest of the City Councillors for the year ahead, hosting the Acting Mayor's slot three times through the next twelve months.

As well, of the Five Board positions that council addressed, Mr. Cunningham was appointed to three Board positions and serves as an alternate on one other.

On the other side of the appointments ledger, Councillor Thorkelson was not appointed to any of the positions that were considered on Monday evening.

Towards those Boards and Committees, Council reviewed a report from the City Manager and then Council Members placed names in nomination, with those nominated then approved for the positions and alternates.

The listings for each of those five positions can be found below:

Appointments to Regional District

Director -- Mayor  Lee Brain
Director -- Councillor Nelson Kinney

Alternate Director Councillor Blair Mirau
Alternate Councillor Councillor Barry Cunningham

Appointments to NorthWest Regional Hospital District Board of Directors

Director -- Councillor  Nelson Kinney
Director-- Councillor Barry Cunningham

Alternate-- Wade Niesh

Appointment to Northwest  Regional Advisory Committee

Member-- Councillor Blair Mirau

Alternate-- Councillor Gurvinder Randhawa

Appointment to Tourism Prince Rupert Board of Directors

Director-- Councillor Barry Cunningham

Appointment to BC Ferries North and Central Coast Board of Directors

Director-- Barry Cunningham

Background regarding the announcements of Monday night were provided as discussion points of the Agenda for the December 1st meeting, with further information  on what is required as part of the appointments found from pages thirteen to twenty.

You can review the parade of announcements from the City's Video Archive page, it starts at the 19 minute mark and continues through until the 25 minute mark.

For more items from Prince Rupert City Council see our Archive page

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