Sunday, February 22, 2015

Blog Watching, Week ending February 22, 2015

Our weekly review of the most read items of the last seven days finds LNG items once again at the top of the listings, as a a pair of stories on the latest developments in the industry and the potential for impact on the North Coast captured the most interest.

An interesting approach to attracting new players to the sport of Curling also proved to be popular this week, as did our background piece on the current labour troubles at CN Rail.

Rounding out our five top items, a celebration of a Junior Girls Banner for CHSS gained a wide review from blog readers through the week.

Leading it all off this week however, was our preview of an LNG Open House held this past week,  an evening that offered up the latest information on the proposed Digby Island Aurora LNG project.

Aurora LNG to outline background on Terminal Plan at Open House Tonight  -- The first opportunity for North Coast residents to have a look at the CNOOC/Nexen Energy backed project for Digby Island.   (posted February 18, 2015)

That item was followed by:

Deputy Premier introduces Bill to regulate LNG industry in Federal Ports  -- Deputy Premier and LNG Minister Rich Coleman provided some background to the latest moves from the province to streamline LNG procedures in the region. (posted February, 17 2015)

Prince Rupert Curling Club project with Wheelhouse Brewing gains provincial notice  --  A spot in a provincial curling magazine goes to a popular program launched this year at the Curling Club.  (posted  February 19, 2015)

Labour dispute percolates once again at Canadian National Railway  -- Our item from Thursday providing background on a potential labour stoppage at the railway was a popular read this week.
(posted February 19, 2015)

Charles Hays Junior Girls claim NW banner; Junior Boys finish second in Terrace Zones battle   -- A Jr. Girl's banner for the CHSS Gym and tough battle in Terrace for the Junior Boys found a wide audience this week as well. (posted  February 17, 2015 )

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