Thursday, February 12, 2015

Council moves forward with Grant Applications, placing Water Supply project as highest priority

Council received a report from the Engineering Coordinator on Tuesday evening, as Mr. Richard Pucci outlined the nature of each of the Five projects that the City was submitting Grant Applications towards when it comes to infrastructure funding.

All of the proposed projects involved major infrastructure issues, and have been discussed by council in the past.  Areas of concern where the City believes its main focus should be at this time, included on the list of items were:

The Raw Water Supply system, the Landfill Development project, Asset management phase one, the Sixth Avenue Bridge replacement and Second Avenue Bridge replacement projects.

The City will be seeking funding from two government programs the Building Canada Fund and the Gas Tax General Strategic Priorities Fund.

Following his presentation, Council members offered up some thoughts on the process and what the city is required to do to seek out assistance from the two programs.

Councillor Thorkelson provided for the majority of the the questions, seeking some clarification related to the financial return for the City and suggested that Council should highlight one of the proposed projects as a priority item, to express their highest concern of the moment.

Council then moved to adopt the individual motions required to seek out the Grant Funding requests, making the Raw Water Supply project as Council's Number one priority.

More background on the Grant Requests can be found from the Agenda package of Tuesday evening, the information is available on pages 12 and 13.

A review of the presentation and Questions can be found on the City's Video Archive, it starts at the 57 minute mark and continues on through to one hour and seven minute point.

A full outline on Council developments can be found on our Council Timeline feature.

For more items related to City Council discussion see our archive page here.

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