Sunday, February 8, 2015

Blog Watching, Week ending February 8, 2015

Some extreme winter weather, impressive laps in the pool, a couple of committee opportunities and a letter from some senior level politicians highlight our listings of the five most read items of the last week.

The success of Sarah McChesney who is hauling in the medals for the Thomson Rivers University swim program captured the attention of the most readers this week,  ranking it high among our review from our week's work.

Not surprisingly, the weather featured high on that list as well, as a pair of accounts of the monster Northwest snow storm of the week also rattled off the view counts, the majority of them late Thursday and early Friday.

The City's quest for some committee members was a popular item of interest on the week, as was our look at a correspondence to Tourism Prince Rupert from NDP politicians Nathan Cullen and Jennifer Rice which cracked our top five items of the week.

Leading it all off this week however, a celebration of Sarah McChesney's success in the swimming pool and a review of the medal haul for the Prince Rupert swimmer.

Sarah McChesney paces TRU Wolfpack at recent swim meet in Kelowna  -- The Prince Rupert swimmer collects three gold and two silvers at a recent  swim event   (posted February 4, 2015)

That item was followed by:

Terrace RCMP tell motorists how it is, and they're pretty emphatic about it -- The massive amounts of snow made travel a safety issue for the region, with the RCMP urging residents to stay at home (posted February, 6 2015)

Prince Rupert City Council seeks nominations for two key Committees  --  The City outlines the nature of positions available with the Prince Rupert Port Authority Board and at the Lester Centre of the Arts  (posted  February 4, 2015)

Travel ADVISORIES issued for Highway 16 and 37 in Terrace-Kitimat region  -- A large number of readers explored our item regarding travel issues in the Northwest of Thursday and Friday ( posted February 5, 2015)

Cullen/Rice letter to Tourism Prince Rupert outlines early comments on Alaska Ferry Terminal issue   -- Our item related to the early comments on the Alaska Ferry Terminal situation from the region's two senior NDP politicians found a wide audience this week  (posted  February 3, 2015 )

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